Something about me....

As a child I always had a fascination for things that shine, my first memory is of my mother’s charm bracelet. The beauty and meaning of each charm from a rattle representing a new life and the bible which showed her catholic values. Each charm represented a personal stage in her life. I am driven by this personal connection to Jewellery and how it affects the senses from the texture to the detail and workmanship. I get so much joy and satisfaction from working through an idea and making it a reality. I am always amazed at how something as simple as a hammer and a sand bag can shape a sheet of metal into something which can be transformed into something of beauty and value.

This necklace I like to call my 'metamophosis' necklace. I made it when I went on a two day making course at Flux 'n' Flame (Dorset). It was quite ambitious for a first piece but I went in there with an idea and they really helped make it become a reality. :)

I believe I was born to make things and at an early age I taught myself how to knit after watching my Mother and made my own clothes for my dolls.
I feel quite blessed as I’m lucky enough to come from and live in a beautiful part of the world (Devon, England). I find myself inspired by nature and of course my surroundings.  I have also been lucky enough to live in Cyprus for a while and whilst there I learnt how to cut glass, make stained glass panels and other items with cold glass, I also did some kiln work (warm glass) fusing and slumping. I love working with glass, I love the range of colour and its versatility. Here are a couple of photos of items I have made and designed myself. I  am hoping to find some time soon to add a few more photos of the things I have made.


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Tracey said...

Beautiful creations and great blog.Can't wait to see more. X