Saturday, 2 March 2013

A few more glass bits (suncatchers).

I made this for a friend who collects hearts and who happens to be Welsh, whom had not long been married. It was inspired by Celtic knots and l'amour <3 This was one of the first glass pieces that I made.

The photos were taken before I tidied up the messy edges and you can see where I changed the way I made it by looking at the different cuts on the glass. I will try and find a newer photo of it at some point. I saw this one and the kingfisher at my friend's the other week and was pleasantly surprised by them. It made me want to make some more. :)

The next photo is of the first box I made. It is a hinged box and I made this for myself, it functions as a jewellery box and I was really pleased with how it turned out. I love the colours and it has one of my favourite flowers on it. I love Arum lilies and have some that belonged to my Gran in my garden. My Gran was South African and these flowers are native to South Africa. I also had a few (purple) black ones in my Wedding bouquet. I got Married in a Lavender pink trouser suit which to this day was informed by my son is very unusual and he asked me 'why did I do it?' The simple answer to that is because that is just me and I like trouser suits. :) I also love the colour purple! I love the iridescent glass I used but sadly I don't think this photo does it any justice.


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